Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How Does a Doctor Determine if HyProCure® is The Best Solution for Me?

The diagnosis of partial talotarsal dislocation is best made by a foot and ankle specialist who will examine the foot with and without weight being applied, and also by watching the person walk.

Ultimately, the best way to diagnosis the presence of talotarsal displacement is through radiographic examination, which officially confirms the presence and severity of the condition.

Traditionally, most specialists will order a series of standing radiographs, that is, x-rays of the foot while the person is standing. These should be taken with the foot in its relaxed position (full weight applied) and also with the hind-foot bones in their balanced “neutral” or ideal position.

In addition, your specialist may perform further movement tests, as well as some computer-aided exams like gait pattern analysis, if deemed necessary.

All of these diagnostic methods are completely painless and non-invasive. They are safe, fast and are simple routine processes for your doctor. Make an appointment today with a HyProCure® specialist near you!

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