Thursday, January 17, 2013

What if My Insurance Does not Cover The HyProCure® Procedure?

The HyProCure® procedure may be covered by your insurance plan. Check with your foot and ankle specialist or with your insurance carrier for specific coverage details as coverage terms can vary among the different insurance plans and regions.

Fortunately, for those patients without available coverage, the procedure can be performed as an in-office procedure with rates typically ranging from $2,500 to $4,500 per foot in the United States. (International costs will vary.) If you don’t have coverage available for the procedure, be sure to discuss an out-of-pocket package price with your doctor, as well as any financing and/or payment options that may be available.

When partial talotarsal dislocation (hyperpronation) is present, the symptoms and complications associated with the condition are sure to eventually appear. At this point, something will typically have to be done because the complications will compromise the patient’s well-being. HyProCure® not only instantly corrects the source of these problems, it’s a life-long solution that represents the least expensive option by a large margin. For more information, see our list of alternative treatment options.

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